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Rocket Stove Technology Links

A Do-It-Yourself Selection

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These are only a handful of the many resources on the Internet. The original list is an ongoing project at website. (See link in section below.) We highly recommend you explore this vast storehouse of permaculture knowledge.

NOTE: Links that are mainly commercial have a dollar sign at the end of the description. $



Videos of Beginning-To-End Projects (heavy on images, light on words) 

Rocket Stove Mass Heater 🥵 with Homemade Mortar & Cob by If this family can build their own, you and I can, right? 

Making an ammo box tent stove without welding 

Ammo Can Rocket Stove! Welding A Portable Camping Stove

RMH in Europe  

Wide selection of info and resources on RMH – British style, Leslie Jackson and Ianto Evans' book $  

A “central information resource” by Peter van den Berg, The Netherlands   

List of RMH builders directory (Europe too!) $

Recognized experts: 

Ernie and Erica Wisner's website 

One-hour plus video - Rocket Stove Classroom Instruction with Ernie & Erica Wisner 

Paul Wheaton's youtube channel including all things permaculture

Paul Wheaton’s website with a large collection of articles, images, news, etc. 

Uncle Mud permaculture & RMH info - Some of the many resources and helpful discussions with RMH experts 

Foundation for this list  

Rocket mass heaters forum  

RMH Builders guide build-pic heavy thread 

12 rocket mass heaters documentary - 37 minutes 

Gob of Podcasts about Rocket Mass Heaters  

Thread of beautiful RMHs - inspiring images 

Links to many free materials related to Ernie and Erica Wisner’s Rocket Mass Heater Manual $  

Rocket Ovens Movie + Rocket Oven Plans + J-Tube Plans Bundle $ 

Rocket Mass Heater Risers: materials and design eBook $ 

3D Plans - Pebble Style Rocket Mass Heater by Andres Bernal $  

Rocket Mass Heater video,  Free Heat movie $

Better Wood Heat 8-movie set $

Pebble Style Rocket Mass Heater Videos at Paul’s Wheaton Labs  2017 – 2021 

Trial & error &  serendipity discussions 2015 

Finishing with the rocks & pebbles & granite tops 2015 

Heat a 3-Bedroom Home in Montana with 0.60 cords of firewood 2017   

Uncle Mud Tiny House Rocket Mass Heater with Pebble Bench at Wheaton Labs 2020 

The Solarium Pebble Mass Heater at the Rocket Heater Jamboree with Uncle Mud 2021

Mostly commercial sites (but with info & photos & videos to enjoy ):  

Matt Walker's sales site with photos, videos, info on unique design, plans for sale $ 

Sales site for the Liberator, a UHL-certified, code-ready, pre-manufacture rocket stove $ 

Sales site for the Gamera, a European-manufactured rocket stove from Bulgaria, detailed information and free drawings available $ 

Thomas Rubino's website for rocket mass heater store for parts $  

Max and Eva Edleson's sales site with great ideas gallery to view. Parts and plans and services for building rocket heaters, cookstoves, and masonry heaters $ 

The Dragon Heaters company in Houston TX has great information besides their produces kits for 6" and 8" RMH from Peter Van Den Berg's Refractory J Tube design to masonry heater code standards. $ 

Jim Schalles out of Nebraska builds cob batchbox rocket heaters to masonry heater code in the US. Looking for people to host a workshop/lecture/class. $

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