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UPDATE 2022 from Resilient Villages Proposal














Over 50 years of professional communications, including technical writer, monthly newspaper columnist, freelance writer, indie unit study book creator, website and interactive online course developer, participant/speaker at international conferences. Careers in diverse fields from home ed mom to college instructor, disaster responder to federal disaster specialist and global humanitarian. Leslie Wilson discovered the disaster field 15 years ago with Katrina. Ever since, she’s lived her passion as volunteer and professional–often simultaneously.


Waking up from a two-home American Dream worth over half a million dollars, she found herself briefly homeless, living in a car (from time to time). She wastes none of her limited resources on “stuff”. Her passion propelled her to the northern end of the Himalayas where she worked pro bono among vulnerable populations in Tajikistan along the Afghan border.


In 2019 Ms. Wilson was the only American attending an invitational Disaster Risk Management course at the University of Central Asia.


At age 70, she transitioned to mentor, pointing the way to a more fulfilling—and thrilling—life for other ordinary people like herself. She’s an infectious pyromaniac firing up the humanitarian and adventurer lying dormant in many a heart. 

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