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UKRAINE: New Move to New Work

Independent pro bono work takes me where disaster or vulnerable population skills are needed, where there is a niche I can fill, and I will be welcome without being a hindrance. That doesn't always mean all the pieces fall into place. 

In Tajikistan last year, the fall of Afghanistan and loss of favor with the government closed the door to 11 years of work in-country and in America working with my Tajik partners.

Then Ukraine was invaded.

New opportunities to help where the need is the greatest opened. Since May, I've been volunteering with various groups while developing a long-term plan to aid the recovery and rebuilding of a nation I've grown to admire and love.

Rocket Mass Heating (RMH) Systems

The key element of the plan is off-grid housing with basic utilities. With winter rapidly approaching, heat security is highest priority. So, I've researched and pulled together this crash course for you to build your own cheap, off-grid heating system using readily available recyclable materials.  Download this 2-page PDF flyer and spread the news as widely as possible back in Ukraine.

So let's get started:

This is a  quick intro to

a DIY heating system

for a room in your home


your troop's base in the field!

Please download, print, share,

and be sure to check out the links!

We hope to have translations soon in Ukrainian and Russian. Above all, we're eager to work with someone to build the first system. We will cover the cost for this first unit, provided it is built from mostly recycled materials. That's the beauty of the system! The rubble left behind in liberated towns and villages are the building blocks of this heating system!

Come December, I'll be able to return to Ukraine and hopefully the Kharkiv region to help more effectively on the ground. Somewhere in all this work, hopefully, an organization, business, or government agency will see the great value of this work to save lives over winter and implement other aspects of the Resilient Village concept for rebuilding the nation over the future years. 

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