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Priority:  Off-Grid Heat

The newest version of our long-term concept for survival and rebuilding in Ukraine is now available: 

Current Status: Heat Project - Resilient Village 

Since first conceived in Chernivtsi last summer, the concept has evolved into a more inclusive Resilient Communities plan where people help each other develop off-grid housing and survival skills where needed. Right now, heat security is our highest priority. We've researched, connected with experts, and put together this crash course for you to build your own cheap (or free!) off-grid heating system using readily available recyclable materials.  

Working with the Ukrainian army, our first systems will be portable, quick & easy to build. Soon, however, we will start the more permanent, room/small house heating systems based on Rocket Mass Heating (RMH)  or J-Tube Technology.

J-Tube Technology Infographic gives a quick intro to a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) heating system for a room in your home or troops in the field! This technology is at the heart of the Rocket Mass Heating (RMH) system.

Please download, print, share, and be sure to check out the links in Ukrainian:


Download now. We need your help with translation and sharing with anyone you know in need of heat. We're eager to work with Ukrainians to build the first systems. Masonry or metalworking skills are good but not required! Just general construction skills and a willingness to learn are very good! We hope to secure funds or an umbrella organization for the overall project. For now, we will cover the cost for some first units, provided they are built from mostly recycled materials and in an area of great need where we can let people experience it and help others develop their own. 


Rubble heaps left behind

in liberated towns and villages

are the building blocks

of this heating system!

November 3rd, I move from Hungary to the Ukrainian border town of Medyka Poland. I plan to share the good news with as many people and organizations as possible while waiting for my visa-free reentry, likely in late December. 

Upon return, with my partners in Ukraine, we hope to establish a working model of the Resilient Village concept. This would serve as a catalyst to rebuild smaller towns and villages which do not receive the attention or international assistance of larger, more publicized communities. This will be the beginning of a simple, inexpensive, eco-powered, and locally empowered solution for rebuilding many such communities across Ukraine over the future years. 

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